Tony Blair

This site, has the following allegations:

  1. Operation Ore, a trawl for paedophiles in 1999, was closing in on suspects in Tony Blair's Government. The FBI gave UK police a list of Labour MPs who were paying for child pornography. Blair used D-notices to stop these facts being published.
  2. Philip Lyon, an aide to Blair, was a user of child pornography.
  3. Lord George Robertson, a member of Blair's Government and later Sec-Gen of NATO, knew Thomas Hamilton, the Dunblane killer, and vouched for him when he was initially turned down for a firearms certificate. It is alleged that Hamilton was a procurer of young boys. Some of the material offered to the Cullen Report into Dunblane was subject to a 100 year secrecy order.

All these are allegations, but perhaps the most important part is the 100-year secrecy order, which tends to confirm that something pretty embarrassing to the establishment had taken place.

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