Correspondence on the Overarching Inquiry

The Watershouse Tribunal set up by William Hague was flawed because of its narrow geographical remit which allowed VIPs to escape scrutiny because they had removed boys from their care home to abuse them in other locations. As a result, £13 million of taxpayers money was effectively wasted, and the Macur Inquiry is having to inquire into the Waterhouse Inquiry.

The Home Secretary is taking a long time (four weeks and counting) to set up the overarching enquiry after the fiasco over Butler-Sloss. Therefore there is still time for you to put to her these points:
1. First, it is vital that the remit be set widely, to include Jersey and Northern Ireland, and also a location in Amsterdam.
2. Michael Mansfield QC should be put in charge, as he is seen as not being part of the establishment.
3. There must be one or two survivors of abuse on the panel.
4. In order to facilitate the process of the inquiry an amnesty should be offered to any witnesses (Civil Servants, officials etc) who may have been accomplices in past cover-ups. If this is not done, the inquiry will be hampered by obfuscation and denial at which government officers are so expert. As Norman Tebbitt has said, in the 70s and 80s there was a culture of sexism where these things were regarded as normal. Therefore it is reasonable to grant an amnesty to any witness who did not report sexual abuse at the time.

This amnesty must be superseded at the end of the inquiry by more rigorous laws and penalties that are at present being put forward by the NSPCC for anyone found to have assisted in cover-ups This stick-and-carrot approach is a reasonable proposition what will encourage witnesses who would otherwise hold back out of fear for offending powerful people, and I would be grateful if you would put it to the Home Secretary.

There are several other points for us to discuss, but I will limit myself to one point per letter in order to avoid confusion.

I do thank you for your reply, but I find it lacking in commitment. This is a very serious matter indeed. A huge injustice and betrayal of trust has been inflicted by the State on children it took into “care”. They were abused by low and high-ranking officials. There is credible evidence that some were murdered. And then, to add insult to injury, denial and cover-up was used to cover the crimes. My website has collected 38 (thirty eight) instances of cover up. If this is allowed to stand, not only will child abusers across the land will use it to justify what they do as “normal”, but also popular respect for Government and authority, already impaired by the MP expenses scandal, the banking scandal, the phone hacking scandal and the growth of food banks, may fall below a critical level.

So I ask you, please take a pro-active approach to this problem of child abuse by persons in positions of authority.


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