Ted Heath

Brian Coleman, a gay Tory politician wrote in the New Statesman that the bachelor Prime Minister Edward Heath was "supposedly advised" by the police to stop cottaging for boys when he was being security checked for the Privy Council. He said it was "common knowledge" among Conservatives.
Coleman is a politician of dubious judgement and temper.

Heath is said to have associated with Jimmy Savile, and to have sailed his yacht Morning Cloud to Jersey, where Haut de La Garenne was located. Former care home resident speaks.

In July 2015 accusations began to emerge, both of rape of a 12-year old boy, and of police cover-up.

An American journalist, Leah McGrath Goodman, had her UK visa withdrawn when she investigated Heath's activities in Jersey. Radio interview.

2 women point to Heath as their abuser when they were children.

A retired police officer stated that court action against a Salisbury brothel owner, Myra Forde, was dropped when she threatened to implicate Heath. However, the day after this story hit the news, the lady denied that she had ever known Heath. There is a degree of uncertainty about Forde's testimony. She admits providing him with young, but not under-age, male prostitutes.

Police lost statement by Linda Corby. She counted 11 boys getting onto Heath's yacht and only 10 getting off. She was told that "someone above" had told police not to investigate her statement at the time.

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