Report by Prof Alexis Jay(video here) published 26/8/2014.

At least 1400 children taken from care homes, abused by (mainly Pakistani heritage) men between 1997 and 2013. Girls were threatened with guns, gang rapes, and death by fire if they talked.

Police put more effort into discounting allegations than investigating crime.

In 2002, senior Council officials ordered a raid to seize files of Risky Business, an NGO who offered help to abused girls. A Home Office researcher faced hostility, and was sent on a diversity course when she mentioned that perpetrators were Asian. She feared for her life after police officers threatened to pass her name on to the groomers.

Fathers who were trying to rescue their daughters from houses where they were being abused were themselves arrested.

As at date of writing, no disciplinary action against council managers, police and social workers who consistently ignored witnesses, is planned.

Rotherham Social Services were under-funded, and Coalition Government policies will make the situation worse.

Mike Hedges was Chief Constable of South Yorkshire police 1998-2004, and Meredydd Hughes 2004-11.

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