Raymond Varley

Although he is not a VIP, Varley's case demonstrates the way the British Establishment will lean over backwards to defend child abusers.

There is an orphanage in Goa, India, that was for a time run by an Englishman Freddy Peats, who is now in jail for child sexual abuse, some of it sickening in intensity.

Raymond Varley was an associate of Peats.

On May 2014, India requested his extradition to face justice. Quentin Purdy, sitting in Westminster Magistrates Court dismissed the request on the basis of a non-medical certificate that Varley was suffering from dementia. I have complained about this decision to the Crown Prosecution Service, along with a similar decision made about Greville Janner.

Here is a write up about Varley in a Goan Newspaper.

In Oictober, an appeal by India was also turned down. The CPS is said to have been unhelpful.

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