Unpleasant truths about VIPs tends to emerge only after they are dead.
The challenge for the campaign is to overcome this barrier and bring living politicians to justice.

10-20 VIP names emerge "time and time again" in the stories of abused children. Of these, about 10 are MPs and Lords, some still serving.

Here a Tory Whip explains how knowlege about an MP's paedophilia could be useful to the Whips.

This is no less than criminal blackmail, except it was happening in Parliament.

The story is that things were different in the 1970s, that the practice has stopped, and the "record books of sin and crime have been destroyed".

However, the police should check the Whips' offices to find any records.

Named politicians known to be involved

  1. Sir Peter Morrison - Con
  2. Cyril Smith MP -LibDen, d 2010
  3. Charles Irving MP Con Cheltenham d 1995
  4. Solicitor General d 1995 Sir Nicholas Fairbairn.

Unnamed politicians known only by their deeds

  1. Senior Tory politician caught with child pornography by Customs officer. See Cover-ups
  2. Minister in Blair Government who allegedly abused at Angell Road childrens home, Lambeth.
  3. Labour ex-minister active over 12 years.

Dead Politicians with questions unanswered

  1. Ted Heath
  2. Margaret Thatcher
  3. Enoch Powell
  4. Speaker George Thomas, Viscount Tonypandy
  5. Rhodes Boyson
  6. Keith Joseph
  7. Leon Brittan
  8. William van Straubenzee

Living Politicians with questions to answer

  1. Greville Janner MP- Lab NB if you cannot find the Janner material here, look on the Mabinogogiblog.
  2. Harvey Proctor
  3. Coalition Minister alleged to have druggies and abused 14 year old boy.
  4. Keith Vaz
  5. Helen Grant MP who seems to have had a conflict of interest.
  6. Tony Blair
  7. Jack Straw
  8. Margaret Hodge, friend of Greville Janner MP
  9. William Hague
  10. Peter Mandelson
  11. Liz Lynne
  12. One serving MP (2015) is named in evidence.
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