Police inquiry strategy

The police have a massive job to do if they work their way downwards, that is from the available evidence to the low level perpetrators.

Paradoxically, their work is relatively simple, but politically well-nigh impossible if they choose to, or are allowed to, work their way up to the high level perpetrators and their allies.

Detective investigators could fairly easily work their way up the chain of command in order to identify the senior policemen and senior managers who set up the culture of denial and obfuscation that is detailed here and here.

Identification of these VIP abusers and their friends is not technically difficult.
It just requires the detective to ask these questions of a front line worker,
"Who gave the order that this abuse story was to be set aside and ignored?"
"Who did you hand the lost file to?"
and even simply "Who was your superior officer?"
The detectives then move up the chain of command until they find the source of the order.

This process is simple and effective. The problem is not complexity; the problem is political and psychological. It means that junior officers will be closing in on their own superiors - or their own superiors' predecessors. In doing this, juniors will need courage, integrity, and support. The support will have to come from politicians, journalists and social media, who similarly will need courage and integrity - qualities that many cynics will immediately say will be impossible to find.

In this case, cynicism about politicians actually helps to bring about the situation that the cynic believes in. It is a form of self-fulfilling prophecy. There are decent MPs out there who really want to serve the people. They may not be perfect - nobody is perfect - but we must encourage them and bring them forward.

If we are to tackle the infection of child abuse in the body politic of our nation, it is imperative that we identify and remove from office the powerful paedophiles who are able to hide behind their positions of power, and their friends. If cynics do not want to help in this process, they should at least try not to hinder those that are motivated to get it done,

The sorry tale of Butler-Sloss, Michael Havers, Fiona Woolf and Leon Brittan demonstrates perfectly the mechanism that could be called the "establishment effect". The establishment would prefer that police detectives spend their time in a Sysiphan task of sifting through an ever growing mound of data relating to historic abuse, trying to convict aging low ranking abusers, than that they should turn their attention to finding and eradicating the 20 or so powerful politicians, civil servants and establishment figures who have committed serious crimes.

We need to urge Theresa May and the Home Office to get the detectives to fight their way up the chain of command and identify the high level abusers.

Also, the Official Secrets Act needs to be lifted to allow witnesses to speak.

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