Police and CPS

On this page we have 22 incidents of failure. See 25 more incidents on the cover-ups page. 45-odd in all.

  1. Det-Constable Terry Shutt's evidence (audio). Shutt found a pile of documents in possession of Peter Righton, some leading to senior politicians and clergy. Passed to his superiors. No action was taken.
  2. Clive Driscoll taken off the Elm Guest House case.
  3. North Wales Police failed to co-operate with the Jillings Report.
  4. 144 complaints about Cyril Smith ignored by Greater Manchester Police.
  5. Editor prevented from publishing Barbara Castle's dossier by police threats of imprisonment.
  6. Police incorrectly showed Steve Messham a photo and said it was Lord McAlpine.
  7. Police destroyed photos supplied by Steve Messham. (video, 1:30 in)
  8. Lambeth Police Station used as brothel
  9. Special Branch "found it politically useful to identify people who were paedophiles… I was aware a lot of people in the civil service or political arena had an interest in obtaining information like that which could be used as a sort of blackmail." Source
  10. Det Tasker ordered by Special Branch to stop investigating Cyril Smith MP. Source
  11. A seven year old boy was abused by a Labour politician, complaint made, and "the police made a mess of it"
  12. Police wrongly told survivor that her abuser was dead.
  13. Special Branch threatened Editor with prison if he published Barbara Castle's dossier.
  14. Police threatened child protection officer with a gun to his head.
  15. Police did not prosecute senior politicians they caught on video in house in London.
  16. Police took no action on Duncroft.
  17. Rotherham police lost clothing of rape victim, refused to offer protection
  18. Police took no action on adverse reports on Thomas Hamilton, the Dunblane killer.
  19. Successful detectives caught child pornographers had their report ignored. One was demoted.
  20. Records of Sir Peter Morrison's arrests for cottaging went missing - see Nick Davies here.
  21. Police tried to smear Cllr Anna Tapsell when she named a Labour politician.
  22. 16 month delay in passing Canadian information from CEOP to local forces.
  23. Vicario case - O'Neill seems to have influence with police and politicians. Evidence from a Detective Sergeant.
  24. Police refuse to interview a Coalition Minister.
  25. Scotland Yard refused to investigate case of missing boy despite evidence he had been taken to Elm Guest House.
  26. Brother of Martin Allen, who went missing aged 15, was told to stop asking questions as high-up people were involved and "someone might get hurt".
  27. Police inquiry into Sir Nicholas Fairbairn halted after evidence was mislaid.
  28. Police edited a statement to protect Jeremy Thorpe and the Liberal Party.

March 15 2015: IPCC to investigate 14 instances where police pulled investigations that were implicating VIPs

Crown Prosecution Service

  1. Sir Norman Skelhorn, Director of Public Prosecutions blocked police from prosecuting Cyril Smith in 1970
  2. Director of Public Prosecutions Alan Green was arrested and cautioned for kerb-crawling at Kings Cross.
  3. CPS erroneously drops charges against 2 Fernbridge suspects. Now reinstated.
  4. CPS neglected to check dementia of Labour Peer: Correspondence.
  5. CPS delayed for 12 months before sending 1970 report on Cyril Smith MP.
  6. CPS file on Elm Guest house was destroyed in 2007.
  7. CPS, police and social workers missed opportunities to stop a sex ring in Rochdale.

See my letter to the Attorney General April 2015, challenging their decision not to put Janner in court

Evidence of Police misconduct unrelated to CSA

  1. Justice for Daniel - important campaign about police corruption.
  2. Stephen Lawrence's family were put under surveillance.
  3. Environmental campaigners were infiltrated by undercover cops
  4. Hillsborough Disaster

MPs Home Affairs Select Committee to investigate police corruption.

IPCC to investigate "historic, high level corruption of the most serious nature."

How to make police investigations more efficient.

See also: Cover-ups

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