North Wales Including Bryn Estyn

The North Wales child abuse scandal was first raised by a care worker, Alison Taylor in the mid 1980s. She was dismissed for her principled actions, but was vindicated, and given a Pride of Britain award.

The case was the subject of an £13 million enquiry by Sir Ronald Waterhouse, published in 2000. His report was flawed. Its remit was set to tight geographical boundaries which excluded much of the crimes. Waterhouse turned a blind eye to the removal of children from their homes to areas outside of his remit.

Warerhouse's failings are currently being investigated at present by the Macur Review.

Police Operation Pallial published in 2013 set out 140 cases of abuse in a number of childrens homes in North Wales including Bryn Estyn.

The local authorities commissioned the Jillings Report, but this was not published on the advice of the councils' insurers.

Sir Peter Morrison was thought to have been seen driving a boy away from Bryn Estyn. source

Account of life at Bryn Alyn.

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