"Nick" was the pseudonym of Carl Beech, born in Wrexham in 1968. He wrote a blog on child sexual abuse which was picked up by journalist, and in turn by Met police officers in what was to become Operation Midland. He made allegations against a number of VIPs, including allegations of murder, but all these allegations proved to be unsubstantiated. After some nineteen months, Midland was closed down. An investigation into Midland found several errors, including a failure to do a background check into Beech which would have shown up inconsistencies. Midland cost about £3 million, including compensation paid to those falsely accused by Beech.

Beech was himself a paedophile had written fictitious fantasies about abuse. He claimed that he had been abused by his stepfather. In July 2018 he was put on trial for 12 counts of perverting the cause of justice and one of fraud. He was found guilty and sentenced to 18 years imprisonment.

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