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Arising from the correspondence laid out on the previous pages (see above), campaigners may wish to copy, customise, and send this letter by post and via the website They Work For You.

Update 10/11/14: My MP has sent a letter to nudge the DPP, Alison Saunders, as it is 4 weeks since he passed my complaint on to her.
Update 22/11/2014 My response to Peter Lewis.

Dear [MP name]

The Crown Prosecution Service has neglected to prosecute two persons alleged to have committed serious crimes of child abuse, accepting at face value their claim of suffering from dementia, and deciding that they are therefore unable to face questioning.

This is despite the fact that the CPS Code for Prosecutors makes no provision for dementia to be taken as a reason not to prosecute.

The CPS have not attempted to verify these claims by referring to independent experts, and in particular, they have not ordered MRI scans and other tests to confirm the diagnosis of dementia.

The CPS has refused to enter into correspondence about these cases, and has refused to accept a formal complaint about their actions.

You will recall the case of the fraudster Ernest Saunders, one of the Guinness Four, who was released from prison because of dementia, but who subsequently made a recovery from his “dementia”. In view of this precedent, I am sure that you will agree that it would be wise to have confirmation of the diagnosis in the two present cases of claimed dementia.

You will appreciate that paedophilia is a serious crime which has a significant impact on individuals and on society, particularly in prisons and psychiatric hospitals, where about 2/3rds of the populations of those institutions report having been abused sexually as children.

You will know that in the past, there have been many cases where reports of paedophile activity have been ignored or suppressed. Around 47 instances of this kind of cover-up have been documented.

You will recall that the Prime Minister has said that he will leave "no stone unturned" in getting to the bottom of the scandal of child sex abuse in Britain.

It seems that despite this, the CPS is continuing the tradition of preventing, if at all possible, cases of child abusers from coming to court, particularly cases involving politicians and others in positions of power and authority.

Please ask the Home Secretary if she will now order the Crown Prosecution Service to request a full psychiatric investigation into the cases of the two persons accused of paedophilia, namely, Greville Janner and Raymond Varley, and report on the findings to Parliament, and if she will ensure that in future the CPS takes a more rigorous approach to the prosecution of those accused of the crime of child sexual abuse.

Thank you


All reasonable MPs will at least pass your letter on to the Home Secretary, who will almost certainly respond with a bland "fob-off" response. The real correspondence will follow on from our response to this first fob-off. Come back here for suggestions for subsequent correspondence.

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