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I am concerned that there are a large number of people who have untreated problems arising from having been abused sexually while they were children in the official care system.

Child abuse in any form – whether by neglect, physical abuse or sexual abuse – commonly has serious and pervasive effects on the subsequent life. Just to give you a sample of the problems that arise: lack of confidence, low self esteem, self-hatred,
agressive feelings, violent behaviour, criminal convictions (70% of prisoners were abused as children), promiscuous behaviour, suicide (increased by a factor of 4 -12 ), parasuicide, self-harm, depression, fear, anxiety, anger, guilt feelings,
psychosomatic symptoms, sleeping disorders, nightmares, eating disorders, sexual difficulties, inability to form lasting relationships, marital problems, poor parenting skills, unemployment – the list goes on.

The State intervened in the lives of these children, mainly quite rightly, and put itself in loco parentis. Tragically, in many cases the State went on to fail in the most significant way, first by allowing these children to be violated, and then, in those few cases who summoned up the courage to complain, frequently obstructing and blocking their complaints - most commonly if the abuser was a member of the establishment. In this way the State has added insult to injury.

The Government has a moral duty to try to rectify the injustice that has been committed by its agents.
First, it should identify and prosecute the high-level perpetrators.
Second, it should identify and punish the medium and low-level perpetrators.
Third, it should offer adequate therapy to survivors of abuse in its care homes and institutions.

Supportive counselling must be made freely available for all survivors of abuse. This must be set up with new money, because psychiatric and counseling services throughout the land are underfunded and struggling to meet the current need. The services must be patient-centred and humanistic, but fortified with CBT and certain specific, brief and effective techniques for treating their condition.

I hope that you will agree that this proposal is just, reasonable and practical, and am grateful for your assistance in bringing it about.

With best wishes

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