Macur Review

An ongoing review (as of July 2014) of abuse in North Wales care homes. It is "The Independent Review of the Waterhouse Tribunal…calling for views on the scope of the original Inquiry and whether or not it sufficiently investigated specific allegations of child abuse in North Wales care homes".

Here is a submission to the Macur Review by an intelligence operative, Andrea Davison. It is long but authentic. Andrea has been forced to flee the country.

[update 2/9/14] The reiview is still continuing:
Dear Mr Lawson,
Thank you for your email.
Lady Justice Macur wants to conduct a thorough and systematic review and our work continues; taking account of the large body of evidence we have received. At this stage we have no agreed date to submit a report to Government.
Thank you for your interest in the work of the Macur Review.
Yours sincerely
Business Manager

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