Leon Brittan

Leon Brittan was the Tory Home Secretary to whom Geoffrey Dickens MP gave his dossier. No action was taken, and the dossier was "lost".

He initially said he could not remember the dossier, then said it was dealt with appropriately.

Brittan has been accused of, and denies, rape of an 18 year old woman re-named 'Jane' in 1967.

Account given by a witness named Jane.

His name appears at the top of a list of guests, above the name of Cyril Smith, at the Elm Guest House written by Carole Kasir, co-owner of Elm Guest House.

He is named by a customs officer as appearing in a video of child abuse. The customs document is here and mentions "1 video cassette entitled LB".
A child interviewed after the Elm Guest House raid spoke about "Uncle Leon".

Allegations of his appearance naked in a garden next door to the Elm Guest House during a Special Branch raid and being dressed as a French maid with a young boy on his lap, have also been made.

He spoke at a fund raising dinner for Cyril Smith MP in 1995, when Smith had stood down as an MP, and Brittan was a commissioner in Brussels. (source: Private Eye No 1371, p 10).

He is an associate of Fiona Woolf, who was Theresa May's second choice as chair of the Overarching Inquiry.

On the other hand, Brittan's defender claims that MI5 smeared Brittan because he wanted to overhaul them after Yvonne Fletcher's murder. However, a witness has told Operations Fernbridge that Brittan was seen at Elm Guest House.

Leon Brittan died on 22 Jan 2015.

8.3.2015 Brittan's home searched by Operation Midland.

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