Network abused 200 children

Shirley Oaks and Angell Road care homes were in Lambeth.

Bulic Forsythe, a Lambeth council official was beaten to death, and his flat set on fire, 3 days after he told a Lambeth panel that he was going to expose child sex abuse.

Detective Clive Driscoll (who later distinguished himself in bringing two of Stephen Lawence's murderers to justice) was pulled from a murder investigation when he became suspicious of a Labour minister's involvement in child abuse in Lambeth.

"Dysfunctional" Lambeth. Woman says she was raped in basement alongside children and animals.


Yet more

Police tried to smear Cllr Anna Tapsell when she mentioned the Labour figure.

Brian Pead, a headmaster who dismissed a teacher for grooming girls, has been subjected to a deeply disturbing saga of police harassment.

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