Kincora Boys Home

Kincora Boys Home in Belfast, Northern Ireland, was the scene of a scandal in 1980. The police, after long delay, passed a dossier of evidence that implicated businessmen, Whitehall Civil servants and senior military figures to the Director of Public Prosecutions but it was not acted upon.

The Dublin paper Sunday World named Mr JLL Imrie, a senior MoD official as implicated in Kincora. Mr Imrie did not sue the paper.
The name of Mr Peter England (now deceased) was also mentioned.

It is believed that MI5 fostered abuse of the boys by politicians in order to blackmail and control politicians.

In 1981 three employees at the home were jailed, including William McGrath, a leading Orangeman.

In 1981 Willie Mullan, a pastor friend of Ian Paisley, shot himself on finding he was at risk of arrest over his involvement with Kincora. He had been closely linked to McGrath.

Captain Colin Wallace was a psychological warfare expert whose evidence about Kincora was ignored. He was discharged from the Army and convicted of murder, a conviction that was later quashed.

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Girls were abused by security forces in Northern Ireland.
Boys were moved from Kincora to Elm Guest House - indicative of a high level of organisation.

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