Haut de La Garenne

Haut de La Garenne was a childrens home in Jersey. A social worker, Simon Bellwood, complained in 2007 that children younger than 11 were locked up in solitary confinement for 24 hours a day. He was dismissed, but an investigation followed.

There were initial misleading reports of childrens' bones being found. A "childs skull" turned out to be a coconut shell.

Jimmy Savile initially denied ever having visited Haut de La Garenne, (HG) but admitted that he had after a photo was published. After his death, children who had been at HG said that Savile and Wilfred Brambell (Steptoe actor) had assaulted them there.

Two staff were imprisoned for sexual assault.

Although there were no murders, there were many cases of physical and sexual abuse that have received little attention. There is a high incidence of suicide among people who were in HG.

The investigation of HG has been described as a shambles, and a new investigation was started in November 2013.

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