There have been a large number of inquiries into sexual abuse stories over the decades, with some ongoing.
Many have been flawed in their remit, their conduct, or their conclusions.
We may soon be experiencing inquiry fatigue. Inquiries are long and expensive, and Governments can ignore them. The whole process could be seen as a delaying tactic, waiting for VIPs to die peacefully before their crimes are laid open.

What we need is the political will to actually override the influential figures in police, Westminster, and the security services and actually bring the VIP perpetrators to court.

  1. Overarching Inquiry
  2. Waterhouse Tribunal
  3. Sedwill Inquiry
  4. Wanless
  5. Cleveland Inquiry
  6. Kincora
  7. Jillings report on North Wales scandal. Partially published in 2013.
  8. Macur Review
  9. Independent Jersey Care Inquiry

Butler-Sloss 2014 - why she was not suitable to lead the Overarching Inquiry.

Police Inquiries

  1. Operation Fairbank
  2. Operation Fernbridge (ongoing July 2014) police criminal investigation into allegations connected with Elm Guest House.
  3. Operation Midland, into Dolphin Square, one of 8 investigations stemming from Fernbridge. Is now a possible homicide inquiry.
  4. Operation Hydrant, to explore possible links between child sex abuse probes involving celebrities, elected officials and institutions such as schools and care homes. Led by CC Simon Bailey, who had responsibility for intelligence in Norfolk.
  5. Knowl View Inquiry, Greater Manchester police
  6. Operation Yewtree, investigation into historic sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile and others.
  7. Operation Pallial, into the North Wales child abuse scandal, report prepared for Home Secretary in April 2013.
  8. Operation Enamel, Leicester police investigation into Lord Janner and others.
  9. Operation Torva into Catholic Silesian schools.
  10. Operation Daybreak into Beechwood and other Nottingham 'care' homes.
  11. Operation Overview, into activities by Minister in Blair Government in Lambeth.
  12. Operation Cayacos, into the ring run by Peter Righton.

See also: Police Inquiry Strategy.

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