Elm Guest House

The Elm Guest House in Barnes, South London, was the scene of child abuse parties in the 1970s and 80s. It was run by John Stringemore.

Boys from Grafton Close council home were brought there.
Louis Minster was director of social services in Richmond 1975-1984. Now living in Malta, last year he denied his identity to an Exaronews journalist, but now admits that he was aware of reports of a paedophile ring. He was probably informed by a subordinate, Terry Earland.

Cyril Smith MP, Anthony Blunt, Peter Hayman, one Labour MP, a Sinn Fein MP and Conservative MPs were guests. Jimmy Savile was a guest for a time. Sir Nicholas Fairbairn was a guest. Senior police officers may also have been involved.

Police seized a list of guests.

A worker with the National Association for Young People in Care gives a disturbing account of Special Branch police death threats against himself and others to try to scare them away from reporting what was going on.

The Elm Guest House is being investigated by police in ongoing Operation Fernbridge.

Scotland Yard refused to investigate case of missing boy despite evidence he had been taken to Elm Guest House.

The editor of the Surrey Comet was given a D-notice to stop him writing about Elm Guest House.

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