Cyril Smith MP

Larger than life LibDem MP, died in 2010. 144 complaints against him from victims as young as 8, but attempts to lay charges were always blocked. Predilection for spanking. Broke teeth of one boy.

A Secial Branch officer said a "lost" dossier on Smith was actually seized by MI5.

He operated at Knowl View residential school and possibly at Elm Guest House.

He was arrested at a party in Lambeth in 1981 after police installed a hidden camera, but was released without bail and arresting officers were gagged by the Official Secrets Act.

Prosecutors were given evidence about him in 1970, 1998 and 1999 but charges were never brought. He was seized at a raid on a sex party, but released, and arresting officers were threatened with the Official Secrets Act.

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