Cover Ups

The large number of failures to follow up on evidence supplied, and disappearance of relevant files, leaves no reasonable doubt that there are repeated attempts to cover up. See also the police page.

  1. A report on the Peter Righton case that should have gone to Health Secretary Virginia Bottomley was not acted upon.
  2. Willie Whitelaw ordered closure of an investigation into a child abuse ring.
  3. The 1982 Customs seizure.
  4. The Flying Squad was ready to investigate Westminster ring in 1970s, but no order came through.
  5. The Dickens dossier handed to Leon Brittan by Geoffrey Dickens MP. No action was taken.
  6. 114 files relating to paedophilia went missing from Home Office.
  7. Arrest of Greville Janner MP in 1991 blocked at last minute.
  8. Jillings Report was obstructed and suppressed.
  9. Restricted remit for Waterhouse Tribunal
  10. Home Office official ordered to back off from his concerns about Government funding for PIE.
  11. The Kincora inquiry was kept within tight limits, and was blocked from examining claims that high profile politicians visited that boys home.
  12. Reports of North Wales MPs ignored by police.
  13. Tory Whip boasts he is able to cover up for MPs involved in boys
  14. Jill Dando's file about CSA activity by "big names" in the BBC was ignored by BBC management months before her murder.
  15. Islington abusees' files went missing.
  16. Report into abuse in Rotherham "effectively suppressed".
  17. Mickey Summers, survivor of Nottingham childrens home, found his statement to police and his care home records have gone missing.
  18. Taped interviews with survivors from Manchester children's homes were stolen, but recovered.
  19. Labour Govt buck-passing in 2002.
  20. Police dropped a criminal investigation in the 1990s when it looked as if ex-PM Ted Heath was involved.

Physical Threats

  1. Geoffrey Dickens MP's home was burgled, and his name was on a list created by a murderer.
  2. Chris Fay, a care worker was threatened by a police gunman in an effort to stop him talking about the Elm Guest House.
  3. Bulic Forsythe a social worker was murdered days after he spoke about his suspicions that children were being assaulted by an organised gang at one home that is said to have been visited by the Labour politician. A policeman who shared suspicions about a Labour politician was pulled from the case, which remains unsolved.
  4. Home Office researcher in Rotherham feared for her life as a result of a threat from police.
  5. Rent boy told his family would suffer "accidents" if he did not give sexual service to Tory politicians.

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