Clive Driscoll

In 1988 Detective Driscoll was given the task of investigating child sex abuse in Lambeth. His inquiries covered the Angell Road childrens' home in Lambeth.

He was pulled from a murder investigation when he becomes suspicious of a Labour minister's involvement in child abuse in Lambeth. Cllr Anna Tapsell was smeared when she tried to raise the issue.
Guardian report.

After naming a Labour Minister as a suspect in police information sessions Driscoll was taken off the case and put on a 'disciplinary'.

He said, "I was unhappy with the interference of some senior officers who did not appear to have a logical interest in my investigation".

Who were the senior officers involved?
Who took over from Driscoll, and in which way did he alter the course of the investigation?

Clive Driscoll was the detective who later caught two of Stephen Lawrence's killers.

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