Care Homes &c

Cities known to be associated with child sexual abuse

Local Authority Care Homes

  1. Kincora Boys Home
  2. North Wales including BrynEstyn
  3. Haut de La Garenne
  4. Beechwood Children's Home, Nottingham
  5. Manchester children's homes
  6. Islington
  7. Lambeth

Councils' Insurance companies brought pressure to suppress the truth of abuse.

Problems in cities unrelated to VIPs

Private Accommodation

  1. Elm Guest House
  2. Dolphin Square


  1. Duncroft
  2. Caldicott
  3. St Paul's School/Colet School, Barnes, London
  4. Eton - teacher downloaded images of boys in 2004.
  5. Ampleforth - 2 teachers abused 11 pupils 1970-90s.
  6. Wellington College - 3 pupils abused in 2000s.
  7. King Edwards School, Birmingham - teacher abused 7 boys in 2000s.

Mistakes and partial mistake

Other significant events

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