Campaigners and Witnesses

Here is the list of worthy campaigners for justice for victims of child sex abusers:

  1. Geoffrey Dickens MP, who outed Peter Hayman, and gave the dossier to Leon Brittan.
  2. Simon Danczuk MP
  3. Tom Watson MP
  4. John Mann MP Former Lambeth councillor, who has stated that a senior MP close to Tony Blair has been mentioned by multiple victims.
  5. Peter McKelvie
  6. Anthony Gilberthorpe, witness to Tory Party sex events.
  7. David Tombs, director of Social Services Hereford & Worcs.
  8. Alex Wheatle, assaulted by a doctor at Shirley Oaks care home.
  9. Dr Liz Davies Academic, child protection, suspects murder has taken place. Statement from Liz Davies.
  10. Rod Richards, ex-Tory MP for Clwyd NW names Sir Peter Morrison.
  11. Ben Fellows, child actor
  12. Keith Gregory, abusee, led therapy groups for abusees.
  13. John O'Connor, ex-Flying Squad, confirms suspicions of a paedophile ring in Westminster in 1980s.
  14. Tony Robinson, Special Branch officer says MI5 took a file on Cyril Smith and "lost" it.
  15. Susie Henderson, daughter of Robert Henderson QC. She accuses Sir Nicholas Fairbairn of raping her.
  16. "Nick" is the name of a (now discredited) witness who claims to have seen a Conservative MP strangling a boy to death. "Nick" has been convicted of perjury.
  17. Barry Trower has a list of 16 VIPs given by imprisoned rent boys.
  18. Robert Montague: 'Aristocrats feel entitled'.

Witnesses and investigators who have met with adverse situations

  1. Chris Fay, a care worker who was threatened by a police gunman in an effort to silence him.
  2. Cllr Anna Tapsell named a Labour Minister connected with Lambeth, and found the Metropolitan Police took an interest in her finances, tried to smear her.
  3. Andrea Davison. Ex-intelligence operative who has been forced to flee the country. More
  4. Melanie Shaw abusee at Beechwood Children's Home Nottingham has been imprisoned prior to giving evidence. More
  5. Alison Taylor, whistleblower on the North Wales affair, lost her job.
  6. Detective Clive Driscoll was put on 'a disciplinary' after naming a Labour Minister who had connections with a care home in Lambeth.
  7. Father who reported his child had been groomed on internet had an early morning raid by police.
  8. Fathers at Rotherham who were trying to rescue their daughters were arrested.
  9. Uncle of Hollie Greig murdered after witnessing her abuse, and Robert Green arrested for handing out leaflets about her case.
  10. One of Frank Beck's solicitors died in a car accident the other was harassed by police.
  11. Brian Pead, a headmaster who dismissed a teacher for grooming young girls. This is what police harassment looks like.

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