Butler-Sloss 2014 Inquiry

Baroness Elisabeth Butler-Sloss has stood down as at midday, 13th July 2014.

She was given the task (July 2014) of heading an overarching inquiry into CSA by Theresa May, the Home Secretary.

Either May did not know of the background printed below, in which case her officials were incompetent, or she and they did know the background, but thought they could steamroller it through, in which case they were overconfident and possibly intent on having an inquiry that would not probe too deeply into Michael Havers.

The aim of this inquiry is to look at the way public bodies and other institutions have carried out their duty of care to protect children from abuse.

These are the criticisms of the choice of the Baroness.

  1. She is 80, and the inquiry could go on for many years.
  2. She headed the Cleveland Inquiry, which was deeply flawed by being influenced by one "expert" witness.
  3. She headed an inquiry into a couple of Anglican priests in Sussex that erred in favour of a priest. BBC: Report "completely discredited"
  4. She refused to investigate allegations against the Right Revered Peter Ball, former bishop of Gloucester, saying she did not want to hand a Bishop to the press.
  5. She believes that rulers should have "sovereign immunity".
  6. Her brother Robert Michael Havers QC was an MI6 insider who was involved in burying the dossier of Geoffrey Dickens MP, and helped to stop the Elm Guest House investigation. As Attorney General Havers decided not to prosecute Sir Peter Hayman and Geoffrey Prime. He is also directly implicated in the evidence of Anthony Gilberthorpe.
  7. She was responsible for a ruling which prevented warnings being issued about dangerous paedophiles.

There is therefore some doubt from the outset as to the reliability of her inquiry, since she will be investigating the actions of her own brother. The day after her position was announced there were calls for her to step down.

Calls for her to step down

  1. Keith Vaz
  2. Northumberland Police Commissioner

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These calls were ultimately successful. Butler Sloss stepped down, but another Establishment figure, Fiona Woolf, was installed instead.

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