Dr Richard Lawson is a retired GP and psychiatrist, and a veteran Green Party activist.
He is a past National Speaker for the Green Party, and was elected to Woodspring (now North Somerset) District Council from 1986-92.
In 1996 he wrote Bills of Health which showed that the NHS spends about a fifth of its time trying to treat disease caused by faulty public policy.

He is chair of Battle against Tranquillisers, which helps people to come off benzodiazepines and Z-drug sleeping medications.

He blogs at the Mabinogogiblog, has a personal website, and has made several other wikis, on

  1. Living on a low budget
  2. Severn Barrage Debate
  3. Israel-Palestine problem
  4. TransNationalCorporation Law.

He ran the website of the successful campaign to keep Weston General Hospital in the NHS.

He is married, has three grown up children, is a published poet and lives in a valley in the Mendips.

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