Suggested aims: this is a very very incomplete draft.

Central Objective

To support and bring healing to survivors, and to reduce the prevalence of CSA in present and future years.
(We could set targets for this. Needs good statistics.)
"Healing" includes seeing perps brought to justice.

Peaceful, reasonable, persuasive discussion and debate of all aspects of CSA with decision makers.
Working together to draw up a Children's Act, which will cover all means needed to achieve the central aim.

At the same time, the campaign will help and support survivors in every way possible.

Setting up and nurturing survivors' self-help peer groups is one way of supporting.

Tactical means
Informal social media information sharing will continue to be an important thread.

A campaigning organisation may be needed to give focus to the campaign.

Question discussed

On the previous page for discussion, this question was left:

The design of the organisation seems good to me. The question I have is - what is its precise purpose, strategy and tactics?

Thanks for that question. My partial answer (I don't believe definitions should be left to 1 person), is that the group's 'precise purpose' is to create a new CSA Panel, with highly professional members.

Its primary 'strategy' would focus upon the date when the new panel should be officially inaugurated. I have a date in my mind for that, and would welcome other suggestions.

The group's 'tactics' would derive from those two specific answers, as we would then have a framework and schedule we're working towards.

Thank you.
And what is the purpose of the Panel? Is it to collect evidence, support survivors, or press for VIP perps to be brought to justice, change the Law? Or all of these and more?

Yes Richard, I had believed that the Panel's purposes are manifold, so 'all of those and (possibly) more. I'd say its overriding charactreristic, is to hold the Government's corruption to account, and should have the capability to invoke the ECHR, which of course, the UK has breached.

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